Let's build a fancy
FlyingBed and send it to
the Cayman Islands..

Cayman Cherry
Raw Cherry to Cayman Cherry
Caymen Cherry

Dave's NYC Maple Footlocker
NYC - Dave's Maple Footlocker

Billi Lee's Wrap SysemBilli Lee Wrap System

Brenda's Wrap System
On a clear day...

Brenda's Home Office/Guest Room Wrap System by FlyingBeds


This office system was made from pickle barrels.

Redwood Wrap System in the Showroom

Custom Home Office in
Mission Cherry

Redwood Wrap System in the Showroom

Home Office in
Beaver Creek, Colorado

Beaver Creek Bedface Art

Fisher Island in Miami Beach
Stoladi wrap desk
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The Cayman Island Cherry...

Caymen Island No. 1

Caymen No.1 Right view

Everyone of our systems are stood up in the spray booth three days after the final lacquer coat has been applied. Here are photographs of the Cherry system we sent Terry Wilson Construction Company in Grand Cayman.

We do this for all systems to prove to clients that their system is indeed complete and ready for shipment.

Interior Lighting System

Interior drawers

Interior Drop Lid Desk

Forgive the dust! The guys at the factory can't see it. This is a drop lid desk with an inserted leather pad. This is pure elegance!

The upper left photograph shows the interior light system that is controlled by both a dimmer and an over-ride switch to prevent the bed from being closed with the lights on.

Terry wanted a hidden sock drawer behind the panel doors. We made a nice one.

The panel below on the left, looks nice but, any woodworker worth his salt will marvel at the method we manufactured this lockrail. For you normal people a lockrail takes the place of having two rails and ties the system together into a stronger statement of beauty and strength. I would like to draw your attention to the photograph on the right where you can see the mitered construction and the elaborate belly design in each rail.

Call me up. I'll talk your ear off about how quality is built into every FlyingBed!


Panel photo blowup

In other parts of this web site. I've talked to you about our unique method of finishing wood. Forgive this repeat.

We start with a penetrating stain that is applied by brush or rag, allowed to 'flash' and then the excess is wiped off at the discretion of the technical person seeking the best color hue. We allow the wood to dry over night and in the morning we return to the finishing room and apply the first clear lacquer coat. A bunch of sanding follows this in a couple of hours. That afternoon we apply the second and final coat of lacquer.

Raw Panel

Raw Full Panel

Staining Procedure

Lacquer Drying

Crated and ready to ship safely.

Most people say we make our boxes too strong. They also admit they arrive on site undamaged! We have had freight companies contact us and suggest that our crates are shown to other manufactuers as 'how-to-do-it'.

And as simple as that, you now know why our finishes have grains that 'pop'! Because Terry's system was going to a high moisture environment, we added a third coat of lacquer. I tried to convince him this was overkill, but he's the customer.

Cayman Cost Analysis

Dave in New York City needed a Footlocker
(Japanese Shoebox) for his children and
a Guest room for visitors.

Beautiful Footlocker in Maple with hidden Flyingbed

Maple EuroBed
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