Unique Bookcase Application in Silver Maple with Nutmeg Finish

Bed Up: Books are siliconed into position to add that deception theme to this media room.

Bed Lowering: Amazingly, the Queen Back Supporter mattress from Spring Air is finger weight in operation. Bed extends into room gracefully.

Bed Lowered:

The Sloped headboard is a standard feature on this manufacture.

This Flying Bed was designed by Charles Gardner and installed in Aspen, Colorado. We built this unique design in Silver Maple with a Nutmeg finish.
   The bedface is our unique Bookcase application. The hardware selected was a cast iron pull named "Rocky Mountain". Perfect.
  Lots of lights. Even in the closets on each side. The mattress is a conventional Back Supporter from Spring Air. The mechanism used here is the 2000 from Instant Bedroom with a wood slat system from France.
   You would recognize the owner of this system, but as with most of our installations, their privacy is respected.


Crown Effect:

You would have to see this crown to really respect the quality of our manufacture. Grooved valance board, notched waist with suspended crest. Delicate.

Line Art: This is where the design stopped and the manufacture started. Cool !

Transforming the design concept from the line art to reality is inspiring. To quote one happy client "... it's like a dream come true."


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