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Our Fancy Armoire "Timbers"

Timbers Queen  in Maple & Cherry

Because Timbers has become so popular, I can suggest that product of this model and any of the woods from the forest will be less in production time than an original design. Even if you added pier cabinets on each side, it would not slow down that speed.

Shown above during production is the deluxe model of Timbers in Maple with a natural finish and Cherry with a golden finish.


Timbers in Cheery with Cherry stain finish with clear lacquer overcoat

Craig finds Exotic Timbers

Link to Exotic Timbers

Photo above. Cherry is our most popular wood in the manufacture of the Timbers Armoire.  To date we have applied 32 different finishes. Don't ask for a sample of each. The best bet is to send us a sample of what you desire, we will proof back to you an actual strike-off.

Photos on right. This knotty Alder system went to Bridger, Montana. Of the grades of Alder, this is the most rustic with open knott holes. The client actually surprised us with her selection of the bedface handles... This proves my premise that you can't put too large a handle on any of our beds (this is a big piece of furniture.)
    Upper right photo shows unique base cove molding accent. This is a nice design statement.



Timbers always looks best in Cherry.
This is in Sedona Red Finish.

Cherry up Cherry down

This Cherry system is made of select Cherry from the Northeastern United States. The Min-Wax finish is complimented by applying a catalytic lacquer finish 24 hours later. This is a complicated finishing process described in our Frequently Asked Question section. (A hint, the other guys don't do this because it is too long a process for their production.)

This system is 77 inches wide, 90" tall.
This allowed us to hide a shelving system inside the bed cavity. This is a FlyingBed design feature! As shown $4,630.

Lets look inside the Timbers Armoire

The first thing you'll notice is the SICO Eurobed mechanism and frame. It is a metal framed wall bed with a steam-bowed wood slat foundation. This takes the place of your old box spring. Compare this to the other guys who have no foundation for your mattress.

Most people order the Timbers with the hidden interior night stand and automatic closing, sloped headboard. Popular but listed as an option is the five halogen light system that is dimmer controlled with override electrical switch.

The mattress you put on this arrangement can be any thickness. Shown is a 21" deep armoire that accommodates an 11" thick mattress. If you have a 14" thick mattress make the depth 24".

You select the accent hardware and send it to us for installation.

Timbers, Maple in factory
Lowering bed
Timbers Maple Lowered
Interior Hidden Night Stand

Knotty Pine Timber in Factory

Knotty Pine

I was walking through the factory during construction of a Knotty Pine System in the Timbers design. This photograph was taken before all appointments were added to the facade. It doesn't even have any finish applied yet! But, you can see the inner beauty of this design already expressing itself.

This customer did not choose to add the interior nightstand shelf option. Personally, I like the compactness of this design, but love the function ability feature of those hidden shelves. OKay, so what if the width is reduced by 12 inches.

Work in progress

Timbers for basement installation

Bed down

This is Timbers for a basement installation. The height is limited to 83
1/2" and you sacrifice the option of interior lighting.

The reason for this is that most basements have a code height of 84", and some people just like the idea of the bridge coming down.

Fancy Armoire shows base cove treatment on closed bed


Fancy Armoire shows base cove treatment on closed be

Swan Crown

Timbers in Colorado Beetle Kill Pine

Timbers with a Lacquer Finish

Timbers Black Timbers down

This design was developed by The Ranch House design firm in Boulder for a project in Keystone, Colorado. Since we started offering it on the residential market, we have made it in just about every wood known to man.

Very nice little armoire that loves large decorative accent hardware... Oh, you are responsible for purchasing hardware for all the systems we make. Too big a headache for us to worry about.... Glad to install them for you!

By special request, we have added colors in lacquer finish, black and white! And of course, if you send us a color sample we will match that in finish. Please allow an extra two weeks for this custom featured design.

Most people allow us to finish this in a semi-gloss but a dull or gloss finish sheen is available at your request.

When we do this unit for you, we have to close down all manufacture in the factory so that no dust is conveyed to the wet finish. This is a headache we will endure because we like you. (It will cost more!)


White Timbers

Close UP

This white lacquer basic model of Timbers was shipped to Portland, Oregon.

Timbers wit Side Furniture - Bookshelf Timbers in Maple with Side Furniture
Timbers with piers

Steve's Queen Timbers in White Lacquer

California Murphy Bed
in White Lacquer

Steve called me from Australia and asked if he could order a white lacquer Timbers to be delivered to his main home in the Gold Mining territory of California. I suggested I could ship it to Antarctica if he liked. We decided upon the Hallmark model with three upgrades in features. After explaining to Steve that the LED light was (cold), meaning no heat, he was sold on the concept of lighting the interior of the bed cabinet. We added the interior back panel to hide the rooms wall. The final upgrade was fluting the face panel on the hidden nightstands.

I could expand this story line to include how remote Steve's home was and the excuses given me by the truck driver, why he couldn't back down a one-and-a-half mile drive (pansy driver). Steve decided he had the capacity to assemble the bed himself. With my assistance on three phone calls, he has now been awarded the honorary title of FlyingBed Installer! The certificate is in the mail.

Close up of crown


bed down


Sunday's Armoire with bun feet


Murphy Bed with "Bun Feet"

Sunday lives in LoDo Denver. Actually her warehouse condo conversion home is only two blocks from my first showroom on Wazee Street. Back in 1981 when we started, you didn't come down here unarmed! With the popularity of loft living Colorado Rocky Ball Park and fastrack terminal headquarters, this section of Denver has become a mecca of entertainment activity.

Sunday originally was going to have us build a Gothic Armoire with the arched bridge. When she saw the Timbers in the showroom and all the options that are available in features, wood, finish and lighting, she decided to customize our standard Timbers Program. She customized it so much that we had to add a new option of bun feet. I admit this is an attractive feature. Another upgrade was taking the veneer panels and making them solid Cherry, raised panels.

focus on Sunday's bun feet


Closeup of bun feet


Adrienne's Fancy dancer adds
fluting, base cove and rosette!

Adrienne's Fancy Dancer

Adrienne's Rosette

Adrienne's FlyingBed down

Invoice - Timbers fluting, basecove and rosette additions.

Adrienne's Base Cove


Adrienne's Hidden Nightstand

Timbers Price List - August 2010




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New Exclusive
Ripped to the Wood Finishes

Ripped Forest Green Murphy Bed

The secret to this finishing process is application. First you apply a stain, shoot it with lacquer, apply another stain, shoot it with lacquer, sand through to the wood, accenting the grain and finish with two more coats of lacquer. Simple!

Okay, so you thought lacquer was shinny. Not when you use number 20 sheen. Trust us, this is the best way for this process.


Ripped Bed Face

Sedona Red Flash Black is my favorite. You can't walk through the showroom without reaching out and touching this sample. You would it expect it to be warm to the touch.

Everybody has a favorite color, this Dark Forest System was shipped to Chicago. I think they just wanted the Heineken Beers.


Ripped Timbers Open

The up charge for this exclusive, patented process, is $750. And if you wish to get crazy, we will do a custom formulation per your instructions. A sample strike-off would cost you $50.


Ripped Timbers, Overhead Lighting

Ripped Timbers Opening

This process is available on the entire collection.

Side Fold
Murphy Beds

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