Mission FlyingBed at Snow Valley Ranch, Colorado

Snow Valley Entrance


Attention Flat Landers
John assured me right outside those windows, in those trees are where the deer and bears live. They see them all the time up here at 9,000 feet above sea level. Better there than at the factory!


Mission Fir

This Queen sized SICO Euro Bed was manufactured with a vertical grain Fir theme. The finish is custom to match woodwork in the room, we just call it 'dirty'.

This is the first Mission system we did with seeded glass - looks marvelous!Lights inside display case and stored bed.

Window on Snow Valley

Snow Valley Bed Down

Snow Valley Down

John selected a 14" thick mattress
from Spring Air


The owner of the ranch, John, had these handles specially forged by an artist high in the Rockies. Don't go looking for him, he retired last week. These are now an extremely limited edition.

Murphy Bed in Mission Design

The Tucker faminly in Arvada, Colorado, designed this Mission bed in select Alder with a natural finish. Mr. Tucker asked Paul to make the framework int he glass doors unique to his design. We did a pretty good job. In addition he wanted the glas to be that unique "Seeded" glass (that's the glass that has those air bubbles in it).

The photograph below this story line shows that we stand the entire system up in the factory before shipping to the client.  We want to make sure everything is perfect!

You can design yur own Mission system with changes to doors, drawers, breadboards, drop lid desks, anything your heart desires. Just send us a sketch and we will cost assign material and labor.Mission Tucker

Mission bed down


Mission Tucker

Mission at The Hungarian Flour Mill lofts

Hungarian Mission



Mission Loft Bed Up


The Hungarian Flour Mill lofts
are in the back of Coors Field on the railroad tracks. This isn't one of those new construction places, this is a true to gawd loft! This double size Mission in Cherry fit this office perfectly.

If you were to look out the windows to the left you would see the Italian neigborhood of Highlands where the stone masons lived when Denver was young.

Cost of this system as shown is $7,285.

We custom manufacture to fit your wall, in this circumstance, this model is 101" wide, 21" deep, 88" tall.

For you historians, the Hungarian Flour Mill is really just the process of milling the wheat so that bread could be baked more efficiently at our Colorado altitude.


Mission Armoire

Lower Doors

     Oak Mission Armoire

This Northern Red Oak Mission System is manufactured from select hardwoods from American forests. Now, this may not mean a lot to most of you, but I think if you compare these pictures of an Oak system to the cabinets you see in most production homes, you can see the difference in grain and color uniformity. This is a hallmark of my company. Onlythe best! I receive lots of calls from my resources in the lumber industry suggesting that they have made a special purchase of Oak that is almost select. I can't entertain the thought of sending you a real Mission Armoire made of anything but what I would put in my own home.

Our standard of production for this system is to request the finish you wish to be applied for the stain coloring desired. The following day we will apply a pre-catalyzed lacquer finish to this system.

Purest from Stickley would suggest I just cheated on what Gustov Stickley would have blessed. My answer is Gustov didn't send any furniture to sit on top on top of a Colorado mountain. For 27 years, we have manufactured furniture to survive the harshest conditions in America! So, when we send something to the Canary Islands, we don't expect a phone call saying, 'the wood has cracked'. It just won't happen. The reasoning I've already explained how we apply finish in the FAQs, but the short version is we seal the wood twice, it can't breathe.

The grain pattern that I'm demonstrating in these photographs is what is called 'plain slice'. We welcome you to get crazy and request water marks, rift grain, or rotary (you'll have to prove to me you want that ugly look!).

The system that we are introducing in this series of photographs is called our basic Armoire. You're welcome to change the design in any manner that pleases your senses. But this is the most popular configuration we manufacture.

This client sent us a drawer from a desk that would be in the same room. We matched the finish and accent hardware.

Measurements of this system are:
21" deep, 66" wide at the waist and 88" tall

Some installation notes: This system can be attached to either the wall or floor. Built into the bridge assembly is a sliding steel bracketing system that will make installation convenient. At the base of the Armoire, at the rear of the enclosure is what we call a baseplate. This allows easy attachment to a wood or carpeted floor.
I suggest if being placed on a tile floor you seriously limit your attachment to the wall. (Repair......)

The accent hardware that we have selected here is from an online company Lee ValleyYou are welcome to change the pattern and order direct from this good company and send your purchase direct to our showroom for attachment at our factory.

Center Drawers

Mission Armoire Crown


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