Seventy Inch Television Bed


This is our 17th TV FlyingBed.
This 70" Sony Television is housed in a Select Alder system of Mitered Raised Panels. A custom wiping stain for color and semigloss lacquer for hue and depth. A beauty.

With bed raised, this becomes a beautiful entertainment area - with eyes on the pool and the kidos.

Attractive pool room setting in Los Angeles.
But you know us, we prefer to show you the mechanical part of our expertise.
Four compression power packs, with tubular steel frame electrically arc weld with strengthening struts.

Every one of our systems is stood up in the factory before shipping. We have three more TV beds in the maufacturing line.
And..., four more of those giant Mirrored Models in Stainless Steel are in the factory schedule.


Sedona Murphy Bed with TV has Espresso Finish on Alder

Arizona Murphy Bed with TV

TV Closeup

One of the places you should visit before checking out is Sedona. Not because of this bed, but because of the spiritual base of this unique community.

Recessed Lighting Closet Door Lighting for display case



TV Bed goes to Chicago...

Andrew's TV Bed in Chicago - Quick shot from Andy's iPad

Television hidden in Wyoming Snow Fence

Vail TV Bed


Wyoming Fence lives in Vail

We used a SICO Euro Bed System to make this multi purpose room become

  • Game Room for kids retreat
  • Bedroom with 14" thick mattress
  • Home office for monthly accounting
  • Television & Video Game Room

We like to think that this model was dressed up and ready to go to the dance. Features included are two file cabinet drawers, valance lighting hidden in desk module. Lowered bed has sloped headboard and full back panel. Our standard drawer operation is BLUM, full extens ion, soft close, under mounted glides supporting solid maple dove tailed drawer boxes.

Samsung Smart Television is married to sound bar directly below, facing the game player. Realism to the max! Lighting for lowered bed is Hera LED light systems from Germany. Includes electric outlet and USB connectors for phone charging.

This is a prime example of the home owner designing a system specifically for a multi-purpose room requirement.

Let's design one for you!

Our 11th Television Murphy Bed using a SICO EuroBed Mechanism and Frame

Murphy Bed with Television

Close up of the Television in the Murphy Bed

TV Bed Flying Down

Recessed support for Television Mount

This far into the development of the unique combination Murphy Bed and Television has been aided by the development of ultra thin TVs. Not only are the televisions wider, they are easier to lift and hide away the Murphy Bed.

A negative to the development of the ultra thin televisions is sound reproduction. You will notice, located below the TV is a separate sound system by Sony. We have also used Polk sound systems. Either one add theater surround sound.

This system was built for Gerald in Houston and is solid Cherry with a Dark Walnut stain and Number 40 sheen lacquer final. this configuration of mitered, raised panels is more elegant than these pictures suggest.

We have developed a blog on the method of manufacture for this Murphy Bed configuration. While this blog will explain each step we have incorporated into the manufacture of this model, it is important to remember you have to start with a lift mechanism that can support an additional 90 lbs of dead weight.

TV in the middle of the SICO Eurobed encased in Maple.


This system was delivered to Sun Valley, Idaho in summer 2003. LCD Television is uniquely attached to bottom of stored Queen bed.

Lowered Table serves as sewing center.

This surround furniture is solid Maple with mitered raised panels. All options were selected by owner. From full panel interior to flyover cabinet. Crown treatment is ARC 49, our most popular bridge effect.

Dimensions: Width 133", Depth 24", Height 108". Lowered Bed Extends 94"
Cost as shown: $13,750.

At the Factory

Get a look at this finish

The Snowden, headed for Boston...

This beautiful TV-bed resides in Boston now. Here we have a sneak preview from the factory before the finished beauty headed off for the Snowden's.

Step back for the full view.
Pat Newman
Pat Newman

We put this queen size SICO Eurobed in Pat's game room. The select Alder flat panels matched all the other cabinets in her new home on the "Blue River".

This system was 147" wide 88" tall and 21" deep. Nobody knows how far the bed extended into the room because there were too damn many game tables in the way.

Cost as shown installed in Breckenridge, Colorado $11,800.

Zehren Down

We took the standard SICO Euro Bed frame and modified it for these custom sized mattresses. Don't tell the home office.

Zehren Beds Closed - Game Room

We got a call from Zehren Architects in Vail, Colorado asking if we could make custom sized Murphy Beds for one of their clients that wanted to import special sized mattresses from overseas.

Our standard answer to any question with the word custom in it, is "Of Course!" Our question back to Kelsey is when do you want it?

The downstairs grand room had two SICO Euro beds with a 60" television module between them. Total width of this system is 177 inches. Cost of this design in Knotty Alder with a special finish exceeded $15,000. This included a ton of options, from pocket doors to dimmer control lighting.

Beds coming down

Special electronic control and receiving modules hidden behind drop down facial panel.

We don't like doing this, but did you notice the special cove based molding for this system? If you didn't, that's good.

Zehren Upstairs

bed down

Even with the special sized SICO Euro Bed frame and wooden slat foundation, we still incorporated our unique self-closing-sloped headboard.

There wasn't any room for a normal nightstand so we hid it inside.

Bed down

We like the guys at Spring Air Mattress here in Denver. This is the 'Port Smith' model that is 14" thick. Very comfortable, but you can use any mattress you like.

Even with the television off, this black oiled lacquer finished system looks very elegant in Mrs. Norris's living room. This system is 71" wide, $7,500.

Pull the stainless steel handles and a queen sized bed is lowered into the room. The 42 inch television remains 7" off the floor when the bed is lowered.

Don't ask the other guys to attempt this trick.

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