The Twin Beech Melamine is only $1,175. It is our best priced Murphy Bed. All other pictures on this Collection of Computer Beds are custom manufactured at our Denver factory. Not only are they available in any wood, any finish, but now we offer custom painted surfaces.

Perfect for student desk, dormitory, fire stations and home offices.

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Hiddenbed's desk remains perfectly horizontal in all its movement. You can leave a full cup of coffee on the desktop through all the stroke and it won't spill a drop out! This picture is Maple with a custom finish.

Computer / Bed

Mahogany Melamine

Oak twin computer bed in natural finish partially lowered.

Q & A Everything you ever wanted to know about a Computer/Bed  
Q: Will things fall from the desk when moving from bed to desk? A: Hiddenbed's desk remains perfectly horizontal in all its movement. You can leave a full cup of coffee on the desktop through all the stroke and it won't spill a drop out!

Q: Does the mattress hold its place when the bed is stowed away? A: Yes. The mattress remains in place. There's no need to care about the pillow either. It will also remain in its place. The mattress stays fixed when stowed. And no need to make the bed!

Q: Is the Hiddenbed self-standing? A: Yes. Hiddenbed is a self-standing furniture. However in some cases, people prefer to attach it to the wall (like a cabinet) to avoid it being
toppled by children.

Q: Does the desk hold in the upper position when loaded? A: Yes. There is a locking system which is easy to use, keeps the desk fixed, locked, and able to have over 20kg of load. Both must be locked when using the desk. In bed position, there is no need to lock anything, as the bed stays down by itself.

Q: Is it possible to have a computer on the desk? A: Yes, Hiddenbed has enough clearance under the bed for a large computer case, monitor, keyboard and accessories! As we like to say, you will realize that after all your room was not so small! You can leave all devices plugged and working (including your computer's network connection!). This lets you have, for example, your computer donwloading MP3 or e-mail while you sleep. Or burning your CD's, or whatever you like!

Q: Can I install electrical devices on the desk? A: Yes, some models of Hiddenbed are even supplied with an electrical installation. As with any electrical installation you should take the elementary safety precautions, and ask for advise if in doubt.

Q: Is Hiddenbed easy to move from bed to desk and back? A: Yes! Hiddenbed's patented balancing mechanism makes for a light and smooth movement from bed to desk. All models are supplied with Hiddenbed's balancing system.

Q: Is Hiddenbed suitable for small kids? A: Yes, Hiddenbed is OK for children over a certain age. The lock is out of the reach of children under 1m (3'4''). The user should be at least 1.2 m (4') tall to use it comfortably.

Q: Can I make a Hiddenbed at home by myself? A: Although it can be a lot of fun, it is a difficult piece of furniture to build, so we advise you not to try it, unless you really want to test yourself! Besides, Hiddenbed is patented and you should ask the patent owners for permission to manufacture any quantity.

Q: Is Hiddenbed affordable? A: Yes! You can compare it's price to the added price of a bed, a desk or a cabinet and you'll find Hiddenbed a very effective and affordable solution for your room. What about the room area that you saved? And you have really two different rooms: A bedroom, and a stylish workplace. No bed!

Q: Is Hiddenbed safe? A: Yes! In the packing of Hiddenbed you will find a manual for correct assembly. Follow the instructions (or let the installer do it) and the result will be a perfectly safe piece of furniture! Just like any other moving thing, like a sliding door, it has to be assembled correctly. You can send us an email for help if you have any question.

Q: Is Hiddenbed suitable for larger rooms? A: Yes! Hiddenbed actually makes the bed disappear during the day and have a HUGE desk to work, study or play! So you can actually turn an average room into a big room if you let the bed be hidden during the day. Hiddenbed lets you make a better use of the same room area.

Q: Is Hiddenbed suitable for other applications? A: Yes! In a few months, the Hiddenbed will be available in cruiser ships and RV's (recreational vehicles). However, any place where you might need to sleep and work or play, is a potential place for Hiddenbed.

Q: Do children like Hiddenbed? A: They love it! In fact children see the Hiddenbed as a toy. With the supervision of adults, even a child is strong enough to change the bed to desk. And the movement is fun for them! They want to sleep on a toy, and they see Hiddenbed as one!

Q: What are the advantages of Hiddenbed? A: Hiddenbed is a very esthetic, affordable solution for any room where more space is desired. With Hiddenbed you can have a double function as bed or desk, but the bed is actually invisible. Hiddenbed is simple and light, it's stiff and of course, you double your space! When you buy Hiddenbed, you buy SPACE ! - Space is expensive. Hiddenbed is not.

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