The Disappearing Revolving Bed
(the revolving queen bed that disappears)

Revolving Bookcase Bed
Revolving Bookcase Queen Bed
Revolving Bookcase Table Down
Revolving Queen Bed /Optional Table
Queen Bed Down
Queen Bed Down
Revolving Bookcase Twin Bed Down
Twin Bed Down

Testimonial of Mattress Comfort...

Sent: Monday, September 03, 2012 12:00 PM
To: FlyingBeds International
Subject: Comfort of Mattress on Revolving Bed.

The bed is very comfortable.  The mattress has just right amount of firmness.  I have had a great night's sleep every time I have slept on it.  My 70 year old in laws also say it is very comfortable and they are not easy to please!  

We have a a very high end couch with a hide a bed and there is simply no comparison.  Our flying bed is more comfortable and much easier to set up and put away.  Being able to leave the items on the shelf when using the bed is a feature we really appreciate.

Nancy, Washington D.C.


When this bed arrived at the Denver Showroom in 2002, we knew we had a winner. People seeing this in the showroom forget all our other models and stand there with their mouths open. Click on photo on the right for a little fun tour of the showroom model and recent showing at the Home Show. Click here for Monte's Tour

Straight from Hollywood. Queen bed disappears and becomes an extra length work table. Bed is stored away fully made. Inutitive lift system is fingertip ease operation.
Wall fastening mandatory.


The 'Twirley' Bed comes in Twin, and Queen size. 6 Colors, white maple, white oak, cherry walnut and wenge. You can order it with the table in the middle of the bookcase, or without the table.

Mattress Size
Width of System
& Bed
& Table
$4,013.75 $4,708.75
$6,625.85 $7,320.85


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Color Options


Queen Bed Hides real table and bookcase.

Revolving Cantilevered Action.

Twirly Bed - annimated

This is an amazing bed that stores into only 22" depth! That allows for 9" deep shelves. When the table is lowered, it becomes almost 5 feet in length! The mattress is European in firmness. Shown here in Walnut melamine.

Colors from Europe

Twirly Thumb
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This revolving bed is in two different finishes. This accent option is available at no additional cost on all models of SmartBeds!

Shown here is Wenge and White.


More SmartBed Models to checkout... Special Notice: Installation & Delivery NYC, LA & Chicago

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Revolving Bed in Action
Disappearing Revolving Bed

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Free Standing, Horizontal, Bed-Desk Queen size

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Made in Italy... 100%

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