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The B-ESK was designed for situations when you do not want to fasten anything to walls or floors. This Murphy Bed, like the Dotto and Harry, functions as a desk when the bed is in its stored position. When it's time for bed, without moving anything from the desk, one simple action will provide access to a ready-to-use bed. The simple movement from stored bed to deployed bed is assisted by an intuitive safe lift system that guarantees smooth operation. The B-ESK has a steel frame which supports a wood slat bed foundation. Each slat is rubber grommeted to prevent noise as body weight is absorbed. The flexing action of the wooden slats adds to your sleeping comfort and mattress life. This same steel frame is the protective structure for the decorative bedface panel (the bottom of the bed that is seen when the bed is in its stored position). The strength of this frame is essential for ease of bed operation and system longevity.

Free Standing
Does not require any mounting or fastening of any sort.
Assembly only
Similar to the Joker and Dotto models

Twin bed becomes desk - And both are free standing

Vertical or Horizontal B-ESK
    Free Standing Bed and Desk


Twin with Mattress

Full with Mattress Queen with Mattress
Port of Entry
$3,667. 5,264. 5,871.
Upgrade mattress to Memory foam Add $577. Add $644. Add $720.
Upgrade frontal panel to accent colors Add $154. Add $269. Add $269.


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Dotto animation Dotto Desk Bed

Revolving Bed in Action
Disappearing Revolving Bed

SmartBed Folding bunk bed
Castello Folding Bunk Bed

Free Standing, Horizontal, Bed-Desk Queen size

Free Standing Queen Collection

Made in Italy... 100%

No Wall Attachment Collection

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