SmartBeds from        Folding Bunk Bed models... the Castello and the Boss

Castello Maple

Maple stain chart

Mattress Comfort... See Customer Testimonial

Castello Melamine

Colors from Europe
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Boss Melamine

Colors from Europe
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The Folding Bunk Beds (Castello)
Your choice Maple wood or Melamine.

Versatility plus! With lowered single bunk bed, room can function as sofa. For additional sleeping upper bunk is lowered and has optional ladder available.

Inutitive lift system permits fingertip ease operation. Bed can be stored with bedding in place.

This model requires wall mounting.

Castello Melamine Folding Bunk Bed Option

This configuration costs $1,386. less than multiply model above

We have imported a real space saving concept from Italy, Bunk Beds that Disappear!

The Castello 2002 is a simple and safe operation . It's 'Intutitive' mechanical system allows one or both beds to be lowered. Beds are already made up for guest arrival. The compact space requirements are:

OPEN: 89" height, 84" wide, 39" deep
CLOSED: 89" height, 84" wide, 11" deep This is really skinny!

The bedface panel is available in a choice of white, cherry, maple, white oak, wenge, or walnut melamine. Steel bed frame has built in wood slat foundation for mattress support.

Complete $4,138. This includes ladder and safety rail and two 6" thick foam mattresses.Wall Attachment Required...

Folding Twin Bunk Beds... fold up into 11" of storage space.
It is possible to open just one or both beds!

Maple multiply system with mattresses and ladder: $5,524.
European twin mattress size is 79" long 34" wide.

Wall Attachment Required


Animated Bunk Bed


Costello The Bunk Bed

Castello Bunk Bed Bunk Bed from Italy. Folds up into 11" of depth. Mattress is supported by wood slat foundation. Steel tubular frame with steel ladder. Bottom b...


Boss Bunk Bed

bed up

Boss Bunk Bed Closed


animated operation of disappearing single bunk bed

                          BOSS FOLDING BUNK BED
Available in two models.   One has study desk.  One has two beds.

Unique ‘drop down’ upper bed is easy to make.  Upper bunk has White Board or Melamine when closed on Desk model.
Your choice of 6 melamine panel colors is supported by metal frame mattress included.
Ladder has protection bar extension.  Frame structure is steel colored embossed aluminum.   Wall fastening mandatory.

Boss Bed with traditional 2 beds for Bunk Bed:    $3,272.
Boss Upper Bed with  Lower Desk:                        $3,272.

Includes Mattress and ladder rail.
Wall Attachment Required


Boss Bunk Bed Measurements


Boss Bunk Bed Slanted
             ATTENTION Moms: Easy to make upper bunk!


More SmartBed Models to checkout... Special Notice: Installation & Delivery NYC, LA & Chicago

Dotto animation Dotto Desk Bed

Revolving Bed in Action
Disappearing Revolving Bed

SmartBed Folding bunk bed
Castello Folding Bunk Bed

Free Standing, Horizontal, Bed-Desk Queen size

Free Standing Queen Collection

Made in Italy... 100%

No Wall Attachment Collection

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