European Collection Electric Wall-Bed System has Remote Control !

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Fold-Away Bed System

Frequently we are asked to quote the cost of a contractor buying only the 'hardware' for our systems. That is fine. This is the outline and cost assignment for the Electric system landed at a Point of Entry. Freight from the dock to your facility would be invoiced separately. Duty, custom fees and X-ray Terrorist Inspection charges have been paid.

Please allow us to quote you in Euro dollars, as that trade exchange is changing daily. Send us an email and I'll quote that current exchange rate, or you can click on this website for current rate.

The fold-away system consists of dual motor electrical drives, including fitted chains, fitted plastic caps and bolts, as well as a complete fitted wagon wheel sledge roll-out system. Controlled by Infra-Red Remote Control switch. Multi-ply arched slat foundation with fitted latex mattress that travels on curved, molded composite track. Complete with pictured assembly instructions.

While we encourage your purchase of this option, we will also suggest this bed mechanism be given to a professional woodworking facility. We would think this application is beyond the technical capacity of most 'home-shop' individuals.
If system is not 'in-stock' in our American facility, please plan on a 10 week manufacture/delivery time. Upgrade to Air Shipment quotes available.

Vertical Bed Storage Travel Model:
Mattress Size
US Dollar - Feb '05
080-100 cm
120-130 cm
140-150 cm
160-200 cm
(double motor carriage).
Hortizonal Bed Storage Travel Model (sidefold):
100 cm
140 cm
150 cm
$6,088.  Call 1.888.892.4645  Email: [email protected]

Illustration of how Belitec System works

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