European Collection Electric Wall-Bed System has Remote Control !

Electric Wall-Bed System has Remote Control!   
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We thought this animated photo was a great way to show you the advantages of the Belitec system >>>
      Belitec action movie

Comfortable latex mattress wood slats support foundation

Increased health consciousness constantly calls for new solutions
for even greater sleeping comfort. Deep, restful and healthy sleep depends on a whole series of factors. One of the essential features
is the base which adapts to the sleeping person’s posture.

Belitec cartoon display

If you haven't yet, take a look at the video/movie of the Belitec System in action. For the best/fastest results, Choose the correct speed for your Internet Connection: 56K, 100K or 256K

In this illustration, the artist gives you an idea of how the mechanism works.
Belitec mechanical extension explained

This European designed Murphy Bed is unique and fascinating! Old Bill Murphy never knew his 'disappearing wall bed' could be Electric motor driven! A hand held remote deploys the comfortable latex mattress and torsion slat foundation. These pictures are a little 'European', but will be added to as we
incorporate American Furniture themes. A 'China Cabinet' and 'Executive Desk' are being made at our Denver factory right now!

How it works:
Touch the remote control and the stored mattress is deployed onto a flexible slat platform that telescopes out from the base.
Leave it to the Germans to modernize Murphy Beds!

Belitec foundation with side profile of latex mattress

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