Timbers Knotty Pine

This design was developed by The Ranch House design firm in Boulder for a project in Keystone, Colorado. Since we started offering it on the residential market, we have made it in just about every wood known to man.

Very nice little armoire that loves large decorative accent hardware... Oh, you are responsible for purchasing hardware for all the systems we make. Too big a headache for us to worry about.... Glad to install them for you!

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The Double size bed is popular in basements where the ceiling is low. Notice how this design has the crown accent become the leg for the bed. Clever.

An interior sloped headboard is perfect for reading in bed with 6 pillows! If you look closely, you can see the slat foundation system from France that makes this American mattress quite comfortable.

Width: 60"   Height 81"
Depth: 21"    Extension: 87"
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