2 Twins = 1 Dual King

This is crazy,
but you would be surprised
how many we have made.

This design demands the use
of the SICO extra length twin mechanism because it is floor mounted.

This allows the beds to operate separately or together.

This is an installers nightmare.
Do not attempt to install this
concept by yourself!

You will get a valuable lesson
in the universal laws of physics
real fast. Looks simple
in operation. Isn't.

85" total width waist    94" total height at crown    24" stored depth    105" extension into room when bed is lowered for sleeping.

Cost Assignment: As shown with all appointments in Knotty Pine and mattress/box spring with custom upholstery treatment:   $8,432.  ship/install quote upon request. Send an email request Click below.

Email the Pilot@FlyingBeds.com@FlyingBeds.com

It is hard to see in this photo, but we developed a platform nightstand that lowers into place after the SICO Room Maker mechanism is lowered. Makes for a perfect place to put that glass of water.

The guys will groan a little when you order this concept. To my knowledge we are the only guys that can offer it... (so what's new?)


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