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Bed Over Sofa

Talk about functional change! A real mattress. A real sofa.

When the cushions are removed from the sofa, the wall bed rests on the front board of the sofa frame. The end of the bed is suspended off the floor.

To date we have made just about any imaginable design of this dual-purpose theme. Even one that had the bed fold out of the corner and rest on two different sofas on the bisecting walls.





Mahogany Queen
Bed's down and there is
- No compromise in comfort!
- Easy operation.


Width: 73"    Height 84"
Stored Bed Depth:  16"

Extension:  108"
Cost with Mattress $2,670
11 Yards Fabric required for sofa

Options: Mirrored Interior Wall $410
              Light System $275



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(303) 321-8522 P (303) 321-8477 F