Gothic Armoire went to Culpepper, Virginia


In the Spring of 2010, we made our first Gothic Armoire with the bedface panel extending beyond the SICO EuroBed frame. While this did extend the lowered bed eight inches more into the room, the deceptive fascade was greatly enhanced by not having the horizontal cut shown in earlier models..

This bridge actually nests the bedface when the bed is stored in the closed position. Great deception.

Raquel's Armoire System sits on 'Bun Feet'

Don's Gothic Murphy Bed Armoire now lives in Austin, Texas

To date, all of our Gothic Armoires have the FlyingBeds light system, interior night stands and sloped headboard.



First thing that happens with the manufacture of any FlyingBed is the arrival of the SICO Mechanism and the lumber from the forest.

Next, Julio does his magic in designing the layout with a little assistance.


Next, James does final sanding inspection on Alder Bedface Panels before appling first application of wiping stain.



The Arch on this bridge assembly was certainly a challenge but we loved it.

When we stood Donata up for the fist time, the lumber for the raised panel bed face arrived and headed to the shaper. Our next question to the client was, "What finish do you prefer of these samples or do you have something we can match?"

A close eye on the photograph to the right can find the hidden interior nightstand.

To your right, Donata is packaged/crated and ready for
ABF freight to take it to a driveway in Maryland.

The final stages of manufacture is the most stressful. We put everything together to insure we did it right. Here's proof!

Seen in the upper right are the interior light system that has both a dimmer control and override mercury switch. This guarantees that the bed cannot close with the lights on.

The accent hardware shown in your selection. Send it to us and we will install. Or, for the brave soul, allow us to choose your hardware.

So, you be the judge. In the photograph of Julio at the top of this page, you can find a photograph from a catalog from Germany. Did we follow the theme perfectly?






Side Fold
Murphy Beds

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