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Murphy Bed Home Office


Billi Lee's Wrap System
Billi Lee Wrap System

Custom Home Office in
Mission Cherry

Redwood Wrap System in the Showroom



Planning for this system started out with a relatively simple Cherry Armoire. The justification for increasing the width of the system was validated when Robert and Bobby determined this design would make their living room more valuable as a dual purpose room.

Really it's more than dual purpose. We start off with a closet, graduate to a SICO EuroBed, then a home theatre and finally a double desk system for Robert.

Unique to this design is a double accented motiff design in the crown and at desk level. You can see how this design feature added the illusion of even more than 206 inches in length. (That's over 17 feet).

After we installed this system, lights were installed on top and behind the crown, effectively washing the ceiling and back wall. This is a very nice soft lighting accent that does not show up in these photographs.

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This is the wall we saw when we started planning for the arrival of Model 206.

Cherry system 206 inches wide.

Before FlyingBeds

Fisher Island in Miami Beach
Stoladi wrap desk

This office system was made from pickle barrels.
Redwood Wrap System in the Showroom

Home Office in
Beaver Creek, Colorado

Beaver Creek Bedface Art

Sico Euro Bed being lowered Robert's desk
Crown Detail
View from the patio
Roberts Desk and TV

desk with lights onThe desk holding the Apple computer is 48" wide. You can see the suspended, lighted crown acts as the work illumination. We also incorporated the dropdown desk in the supporting cabinet to the left. This cabinet also houses the printer. The leg of this table will have an artwork inserted in the frame, later.

I would be happy to send you the shop renderings of this floorplan.

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