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FlyingBeds are modern Murphy Beds. First there were Murphy Beds - In the 70's it was called a Wall Bed - Today, we introduce you to FlyingBeds! In the 23 years the Pilot has been in business, these are the most frequently asked questions! Contact Ron at

Sofa/Bed in Hawaii on the ocean
SofaBed in Hawaii

Marlene's Sofa Bed
Marlene's Sofa Bed

Singapore Sofa/Bed
Singapore Sofa/Bed

The Lodge Sofa Bed
The Lodge

Rosa Expands the Lodge

Suzanne in Aspen
Suzanne in Aspen

Charles in NYC
Charles in NYC

Murphy Bed becomes sofa, ala FlyingBeds custom wall beds

Gluck Sofa/bed
Gluck Sofa/Bed

The General
The Genreal's Bed

Cherry Sofa in Showroom
Cherry Sofa Bed

Sarasota Sofa Bed



Condo in Aspen

Suzanne's Studio
in Aspen, Colorado

This photograph of a condo on Hyman Street in Aspen demonstrates our capacity to change the function of the room and make it Dual Purpose.

Entering the front door (where the photo on the left was taken from), you wouldn't have a clue , the sofa had a real bed stored behind the stag.

Suzanne 3

Above: Behind the Stag is a Queen SICO Eurobed that is accented with a maple light bridge that works for the sofa and as a reading light when the bed is lowered. Interior nightstand shelves are hidden. You don't see the clock, kleenex and novels. Sofa design was per Suzanne's designer, that asked for down/feather filled cushions. Talk about nice...


Maple Sofa and Bed



Suzanne's Condo

This photo shows side cabinet during manufacture.


Left ArrowThis modification of the Suzanne model was sent to England . Actually we sent 15 of these.

Same theme of Maple in a natural finish.

Doesn't look as nice as Suzanne, but this photo was taken in the factory before crating for container shipment.

Gluck Sofa Bed

Who said a small room could have a giant piece of art?

The designer was totally against this art being put on the Queen bedface panel....
but the owner loved it!

Lights were on a rheostat that allowed dual purpose lighting for sofa and lowered bed.
A very comfortable little room.

Manufacture cost - $7,986.


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