Sofa/Bed Pricing Outline
FlyingBeds are modern Murphy Beds. First there were Murphy Beds - In the 70's it was called a Wall Bed - Today, we introduce you to FlyingBeds! In the 23 years the Pilot has been in business, these are the most frequently asked questions! Contact Ron at

Sofa/Bed in Hawaii on the ocean
SofaBed in Hawaii

Marlene's Sofa Bed
Marlene's Sofa Bed

Singapore Sofa/Bed
Singapore Sofa/Bed

The Lodge Sofa Bed
The Lodge

Rosa Expands the Lodge

Suzanne in Aspen
Suzanne in Aspen

Murphy Bed becomes sofa, ala FlyingBeds custom wall beds


The General
The Genreal's Bed

Cherry Sofa in Showroom
Cherry Sofa Bed

Sarasota Sofa Bed


Gluck Sofa/Bed
Gluck Sofa Bed

Charles in NYC
Charles in NYC


Sarasota Sofa Bed

This SICO queen Euro Bed went to Sarasota, Florida. The finish is a golden teak on Knotty Pine. Customer sent lime colored fabric to match rooms decor.


Dimensions of this system

Width 123"
Height 97"
Depth of Cabinet 17"
Depth of Sofa 34"
Bed Extension into Room 94"

Cost of this manufacture: $ 9,431.

With SICO Euro Bed lowered
interior hidden night stand becomes functional. A great place to store clock radio, Kleenex, glass of water.

Mattress is from Spring Air. 12" thick, back supporter model. This mattress can be any manufacture.

The five pieces shipped of this arrangement weighed 1342 lbs. and was crated in 3/4" plywood. Freight cost to Sarasota was $741.


sofabed Sarasota





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