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FlyingBeds are modern Murphy Beds. First there were Murphy Beds - In the 70's it was called a Wall Bed - Today, we introduce you to FlyingBeds! New Sustainable Green Shipping Method - Click Here In the 23 years the Pilot has been in business, these are the most frequently asked questions! Contact Ron at FlyingBeds.com

Marlene's Sofa Bed
Marlene's Sofa Bed

Sofa/Bed in Hawaii on the ocean
SofaBed in Hawaii

Singapore Sofa/Bed
Singapore Sofa/Bed

The Lodge Sofa Bed
The Lodge

Rosa Expands the Lodge

Suzanne in Aspen
Suzanne in Aspen

Charles in NYC
Charles in NYC


The General
The Genreal's Bed

Cherry Sofa in Showroom
Cherry Sofa Bed

Sarasota Sofa Bed


Gluck Sofa/Bed
Gluck Sofa Bed

SmartBed from Italy
Houdini - Italian SmartBed

Marlene's Sofa Bed

Marlene had a interior designer assist in the selection of the fabric. They did a pretty good job. The filling selected was feather and down with foam core. Marlene insisted no skirt be allowed on her sofa, so we put solid oak feet.

When FlyingBed is lowered, three things happen

  • Comfortable Spring Air Mattress with slat foundation
  • Interior hidden nightstand appears
  • Overhead lighting perfect for bedtime reading
  • Custom manufactured sofa and bed. Your choice of wood, finish and design.

Hawaiian King Sofa

White Lacquer
SICO EuroBed Queen

SICO EuroBed - SofaBed Configuration

Alan's Frame

The above photograph is our Sofa frame. Solid Alder screwed and glued construction.

The photograph below is after Bob, in the factory, spent a day putting on the upholstery. Nice!

Wisconsin Sofa

This finished product was dismantled and crated in 3/4" plywood with metal banding. ABF Truckline pulled up to the door at 2:00pm and off she went to Wisconsin.

Custom Sofa
This is a great example of what happens when you turn a designer loose on your sofa. Notice only one seat cushion accent brown piping and fluted bun feet. - Ye Gawd!

Video of Mark's System at the Factory

Shipping Mark's System is a Process

Triple wrap 1/4" foam
Each component is triple foam wrapped.

Mark's Desk wrapped and ready to go
Mark's desk cocooned in foam!

Headed to the truck!
Crates have pallet base and are steel banded..

Mark requested his system be made of Russian Baltic Birch with the multi layered ply edge being the accent theme. Because the crown effect needed a little weight added, we tiered and stacked the ridge assembly. The sofa is unique in the cushions are wedge designed. Not seen in these photos are a special rubber webbing supporting the 4" thick foam seat cushions. This is a very deluxe point of manufacture. On the left hand side of this system is a 36" wide desk with pencil drawer. Directly above is the recessed bookcase. This is the first time we've manufactured this feature. This is exactly 180 degree reverse of the interior nightstand. This is not an easy manufacturing task. Don't believe me, ask my competitor to make it for you.

Mark's design with Baltic Birch exposed edge so enamored an engineer here in Denver, that we will be making a California King System next month. It will be even more challenging because the finish will have a green tincture.

Tori's Sofa Bed

Tori's Sofa Bed is only 92" tall because of soffit in his basement rec room. We shortened the height of the crown molding.

Marlene's Bed Down

Lowered queen bed extends into room 94" from wall.

During installation Ron works his butt off, while Ali tests the comfort of the sofa. Nice guy!


Bookshelves on Marlene's Sofa Bed


Marlene lives on a hill.

This street may not look steep, but bring a Penske truck up here and park it on the curb... Google satellite view, gave no hint to this difficulty.

View from back door into downtown San Francisco.

This is a view out the back door into downtown San Francisco. I think this view added $700,000. cost to this home. And it was worth every penny!


Mark's Retro Sofa and Queen Bed System

Marks NYC Retro Sofa & Queen Bed System

Wedged Cushion has support of rubber webbing seat.

Side view

   Tiered Crown

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