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FlyingBeds are modern Murphy Beds. First there were Murphy Beds - In the 70's it was called a Wall Bed - Today, we introduce you to FlyingBeds! In the 23 years the Pilot has been in business, these are the most frequently asked questions! Contact Ron at FlyingBeds.com

Marlene's Sofa Bed
Marlene's Sofa Bed

Singapore Sofa/Bed
Singapore Sofa/Bed

The Lodge Sofa Bed
The Lodge
Rosa Expands the Lodge

Suzanne in Aspen
Suzanne in Aspen

Charles in NYC
Charles in NYC


The General
The Genreal's Bed

Cherry Sofa in Showroom
Cherry Sofa Bed

Sarasota Sofa Bed


Gluck Sofa/Bed
Gluck Sofa Bed

The King Murphy Sofa Bed

Ocean View from the Sofa Bed View of the Sofa at home
Sofa Closeup Sofa Storage Compartment
Sofa Bed Down Sofa Bed in Factory
Hera reading lights in cabinet View of Sofa Bed from the Ocean!


This king size sofabed is on the island of Maui. Beautiful Condo. Beautiful view. A real luxury, laid back resort.

Sofa had seat storage because you never can have enough at a resort.

Pictures in our factory before shipping explain functional operation. We stand every system up before shipping.

Just want to make sure you receive a perfect FlyingBed!







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