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Sofa/Bed in Hawaii on the ocean
SofaBed in Hawaii

Marlene's Sofa Bed
Marlene's Sofa Bed

Singapore Sofa/Bed
Singapore Sofa/Bed

The Lodge Sofa Bed
The Lodge

Rosa Expands the Lodge

Suzanne in Aspen
Suzanne in Aspen

Charles in NYC
Charles in NYC


The General
The Genreal's Bed

Cherry Sofa in Showroom
Cherry Sofa Bed

Sarasota Sofa Bed


Gluck Sofa/Bed
Gluck Sofa Bed

Brenda, the General and Charles in New York City

Brenda's Sofa Bed

This SICO EuroBed went to Los Angeles. Brenda wanted her son's room to become dual purpose for his many visiting friends.

Design fabric is actually seven different patterns. Her son Mike likes it. This frontal view of the closed bed was photographed from inside the closet. This room was small !

Photographs next month will show lowered bed with Mike at his oak station opposite this bed. We manufactured this system to match his existing furniture.

Dimensions of this system

Width 70"
Height 84"
Depth of Cabinet 17"
Depth of Sofa 34"
Bed Extention into Room 88"

Cost of this manufacture: $ 5,977.
Shipping Cost to Los Angeles: $752.

Brenda's son Mike's SICO EuroBed in solid oak raised panels. Features five halogen light system that works with bed up and down.

This is the view from the hallway
as you pass Mike's dual purpose bedroom.

Next month we will show you the unique sofa that moves to the far wall and becomes a second bed for visiting friends

These photographs were taken as we finished installation and rushing to take a flight back to Denver.

This sofa is Brenda's design and becomes a bed for Mike's visiting friends.

Emilio Tests

Emilio tests out his new sofa in front
of the Queen sized Eurobed.  Bookcase
surround is in white lacquer, with arched,
beveled mirror on bedface. 
  Extend light bridge makes reading on
this sofa a favorite with the whole family.



Double Cherry Sofabed in Showroom Showroom Sofa


SofaBed Down


The General's Bed

This bed went to a secret location
at a secret military base in Colorado.
Sorry I can't tell you anything more.

This photograph was taken in the spray booth during final assembly.
Jarvis is adjusting lift tension before installing the mattress.

Cost: $5,840.

The General's Bed

Charles in New York City

This Cherry system went to Charles in New York City. It is Cherry with a Sedona Red finish from Minwax. Top coated with our exclusive precataylized lacquer, No. 40 Sheen.

Charles sent us 11 yards of this fabric and requested it be filled with down and feather. Talk about comfort, we almost didn't send it to him!

True to the nature of most New Yorkers, they were amazed at the size of the plywood crates when they arrived. This doesn't happen with our California customers.

Charles NYC Lights

Charles had us put in a halogen light system that
works with the bed up and down. Neat!

Charles Sofa Bed in NYC

Charles of NYC Coming Down

Remove the down filled cushions, pull the bed down to see Charles neat matress. Unfortunately this was shot at the factory in Denver. Mattress was put on in NYC.


Murphy Bed with Armless Sofa

Carol's Armless Sofabed



Carol lives in Naples, Florida. With the assistance of her interior designer, Jean, they determined the arm of our traditional manufactured sofa would be a hinderance for accessing the lowered bed. So this is the resulting design that removes the arm of the sofa for easy access to the 14 inch thick mattress.

This system will not be installed in the condo until fall of '09 at which time we have been promised finshed pictures and a true evaluation of the access concern.

It is our bet it won't make a hill-of-beans difference. Armless Sofabed closed

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