FlyingBeds are modern Murphy Beds. First there were Murphy Beds - In the 70's it was called a Wall Bed - 
    Today, we introduce you to FlyingBeds! FlyingBeds are modern Murphy Beds. First there were Murphy Beds - In the 70's it was called a Wall Bed - 
    Today, we introduce you to FlyingBeds! FlyingBeds are modern Murphy Beds. First there were Murphy Beds - In the 70's it was called a Wall Bed - 
    Today, we introduce you to FlyingBeds!
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Murphy Bed that becomes Table in White Lacquer.

Table Down

Bed Down

Cindy's White Lacquer Queen RoomMaker bed now lives in Florida. You can see from these photos there are lots of tricks in this system.
The queen size table is 60" wide! Interior nightstand shelves are great for guest comfort. 13" thick mattress is raised and lowered with two fingers. New drop deck lowers to rest on sloped headboard to make large nightstand.

Drop down deck becomes nightstand Nightstand Drawer Euro top mattress is 14" thick and pure comfort.
Cherry Table Bed System



Cherry Table Bed System went to Kentucky Sleep Center

University of Louisville Physicians ordered four of this design for their new Sleep Center.

We used the SICO EuroBed Queen size system as the foundation and mechanism for a 13" thick mattress. This heavy mattress and the weight of the table were easily accomodated by the SICO canterlevered mechanism.

Our exclusive sloped headboard will automatically capture the pillows when the bed is stored away.

This design was perfected by the JRA Architectual firm in Louisville. They developed a new design for the talbe surround encasement. The table has our unique plunge lock for safety reasons.

This custom finish is a wiping stain that was toned to other furniture in the room. Three final coats of lacquer were added as extra protection in this hospital environment.

Bed measures 64" wide x 23" deep and 88" tall. When the bed is lowered it extends into the room 94". The table shown here is 30"x42". The leg doubles as a picture frame for art display.

The supporting night stand is free standing and can be placed on either side of the bed. It measures 24" wide, 27" tall, 23" deep and has an interior adjustable shelf.

Cherry Table Bed System Closed
Bed partially down
Bed down

Kip's Table Bed
Kip's TableBed System



Oregon Murphy Bed

Queen Table/Bed with Table down


Table Closed - Bed up        Closeup look at unit with table down


Queen Table/Bed
went to Oregon

This unique table bed system went to Sisters, Oregon. Some of you people in the Eastern United States will not recognize this wood. It is Alder from Oregon/Washington. A variety of the cherry species. Stains and finishes nicely. Shown here with a Golden Oak stain and #40 Lacquer final coat.

The design is a solid Alder raised panel with breadboard extensions in pier cabinets. This system is 122" wide, 21" deep at bed module which stands 88" tall. Has interior light system with sloped headboard.

Table was oversized in length, 51" long! Special 'Spin Locks' were used on this design instead of our usual Plunge locks. Lift mechanism on SICO Eurobed were beefed up to handle extra weight. Manufacture cost of this system is $8,490. Shipment via ABF to coast was $622

Sidefold Queen with Table

Sidefold Queen Table Bed

Alan's Office in Oak kAlan's office in oak.

Keith & Bonnie Table Bed Keith & Bonnie Table Bed

Maple Book & Bedface Table
Maple Book and Bedface Table

Basic Maple Table Bed
Maple Table Bed System


Wicks TableBed System with Art

Wicks Table Bed with Art

Wicks TableBed with Table Down


Wicks Art - Closeup

The Wicks live on Larimer Street in historic Lower Downtown Denver. They asked for this King size Walnut unit to compliment their bamboo floor. This multi-purpose room benefited from having our locking table placed in the middle of the 78" wide bed frame. Touring the website, they saw the system we did for Beaver Creek and wanted to expand on that facade. And expand we did.

For you woodworkers visiting my web site, I challenge you to tell me the eight woods I used in this mountain art. The prize is a case of Colorado Rocky Mountain Coors!


Wicks TableBed with table down.

Texas Murphy Bed Lambert King Tablebed System Thumb


Wicks Walnut System
Twin Table Bed in Cherry!

Liz TableBed System in Cherry Liz's Table Bed


TEXAS Murphy Bed

Lambert King TableBed System

FlyingBed Queen SICO Room Maker

Going to South Dakota

Twin Table Bed in Cherry
Twin Table Bed in Cherry!


Lambert 3



Lambert 5
Lambert 6

This SICO RoomMaker King in sequential grain matched Walnut was sent to a new home outside of Lubbock, Texas. Dana and Keith have promised to send photos after installation. Look for them here, later. Unique features of this system were closets with half drawers and mirrors attached to door interior. This is a large system!

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