SICO Room Maker Frame and Mechanisman

The SICO Room Maker model of wall beds is the 'work horse' of Murphy Bed type systems. Because you can add lift mechanisms to the arc welded steel frame, just about any design theme can benefit from it's famous 'Two Finger Operation '

When we go to a trade show, I always include the Room Maker with it's automatic storage headboard. People are always impressed with the smoothness of a real mattress and box spring set floating up and down being operated by 8 year old children.

This is the model we consider our "Hotel Flying Bed". The Room Maker can be completely made up with blankets, sheets and pillows. When the guest arrives, all they have to do is pull the bed down. It is completely ready for the exhausted traveler.

The Room Maker is unique from any other Wall Bed operation. When the mattress and box springare lowered to the floor, they extend completely outside the storage furniture. While this requires more extension into the room, it certainly is luxury combined with ease of access for real sleeping comfort.

A design feature we like to exploit is covering the headboard and box spring in fabric. This feature should be co-ordinated with your bedcovering selection. When complimented with the picture you hang inside above the headboard, you have a nice designer touch. Standard with each SICO wall bed is your choice of painted frame colors.

Go ahead and ask us! How much weight can the Room Maker lift? In our 30 years use of this SICO wall bed, we haven't ever maxed out the capacity! Because each compression coil chamber can accommodate 5 different strengths of lift force, you can perfectly match the weight being lifted.

Ideally we like to see the Room Maker attached to the floor. For installation where that is not an option, an adaptation plate is now available for attachment to the stud base plate in the wall.

Electric Motor Assist. It still surprises me when this option is requested. The Room Maker still uses the same compression coil lift force, we just add an electric motor to control the lifting and lowering. This is a rather technical entailing addition, but for you James Bond type…, it is the cat's meow.

And…, another option is the Sidefold Room Maker. This model folds up length wise instead of on it's head. The extension into the room is less, and the height is only the width of the mattress instead of it's length.

A complete installation manual is included with each SICO wall bed. This 16 page instruction outline is backed up with an 800 number to call if you have a question.

Frame and Laminate Color Chart

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