QUEEN SICO Room Maker in Chessboard Design (The Zen Bed)

Queen SICO Room Maker opening with ease (16" thick mattress)


Interior hidden night stand with light system on SICO Room Maker

The top floor on the Hilton Ontario Airport has a SICO Room Maker wallbed hidden in the parlor room. This cherry design matches other furniture in the room. These photographs were taken during installation with tools, carrier packs and lunch sacks in photos.

Finish on this cherry is traditional American with interior lighting system overridden by mercury control switch. Notice our famous interior night stand shelving system, perfect for kleenex and clock radios.

Typical of SICO wall beds, there is no limit on size of bedding. Shown here is a 16" thick mattress. COMFORTABLE.

PRICES: This system costs $5,300.00

Cherry finish on SICO Room Maker Queen


Lori's Bed down

Lori's Chessboard Design
This Maple system is a pattern of reversing grain placement of Hard Rock White Maple. Lori's elegant loft condo on Cherry Creek in Denver needed an extra bed for guests. The Chessboard design that you see here is exaggerated by the flash attachment on the camera. If you had walked into the room with me, you would not have seen the extreme difference in grain pattern change. It is much more subtle in change.

Lori's Close Up

This 40 inch long handle serves two purposes. One to lower the bed, the other to drape tapestry not yet found at this photographing.


Chicago Murphy Bed

Two Double SICO EuroBeds for Chicago Sleep Center

Chicago Sleep Center

These two double SICO EuroBeds went to a new Chicago Sleep Center. Allow me to toot my horn a little bit about some features. The glass doors are frosted so that medical supplies are seen but not blatant. The drop wood desk on the left is perfect for doctor patient interviews. The first drawer actually has deck on the top that doubles as a night stand when the bed is lowered. Pictures to the right suggest the benefits of using a SICO EuroBed mechanism/frame/foundation. This arrangement guarantees a very comfortable sleep no matter whose mattress they decide to use in the clinic. The sloped headboard is perfect for not allowing the pillows to escape, you notice there are no lights in this system I imagine the clinic isn't interested in the patient reading in bed.

This is a good time to point out some of the unique features of a SICO EuroBed in the photos to the right. The extruded metal frame has no patient weight limit. The two lift mechanisms you see near the front of the frame are located underneath the mattress. They are never visible. If you look closely at the side rail of the lowered bed, you can see a silver identification tag. Each of the SICO EuroBed has a serial number typed on this tag with identification of manufacturer. To my knowledge this is unique to the Murphy Bed Industry, and the reason I use SICO in my furniture factory.

Katie designed this system for the professional doctors in Chicago. Since this manufacture we have been awarded contracts for Denver and Tulsa Sleep Centers. I've been in this business 29 years and never would have thought to suggest our Murphy Beds for this industry. Good going Katie!

This double SICO Euro Bed went to Lori's place in Connecticut. The popularity of this model has been awarded a new name, the Zen Bed!


Bed Open

Bed down

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