SICO Wall Beds Introduction you have two choices...

RoomMaker Bed Down

SICO has two mechanisms
the EuroBed or RoomMaker

A standard mattress of your choice
sits on this slat foundation.

SICO RoomMaker

You will see from examination of the following specification sheets, the Room Maker extends into the room further than the Eurobed when lowered. But, the trade off is that the
Room Maker can lift more weight, such as large tables, mirrors and solid wood raised panels, without affecting it’s ease of operation.
Cost difference between the two models is token in amount. The Room Maker does require a box spring and mattress, while the Eurobed needs only a mattress to rest on the built-in foundation of wooden slats. Both models can be customized in features. From headboards to chrome and brass accent frames.Both models can be attached to the wall or floor, and this attachment is a critical part of the installation process. A full explanation with pictures of “How To Install” is included with each bed mechanism/frame/headboard. All attaching hardware for installation is included.

Both the SICO Room and Eurobed is available in the SIDEFOLD model. Meaning, instead of the bed folding up on it’s head, the bed stores away on it’s side. Advantage? Less height and extension into

the room required. More width is necessary. On the Room Maker there is no upcharge for the sidefold option. The Eurobed is a little more complicated, and has an additional cost of manufacture.Shipping point is either Arkansas or Colorado, depending on inventory advantage and your required delivery time. Shipping by Common Carrier under class 65. Happy to quote you exact freight cost to your zip code.

Our favorite model? Depends…. Which model fits the room size best, and can still lift the amount of weight you require for the bedface design and bedding package. Our installers like the ease of the Eurobed because less on-site time is required for assembly of mechanism. But, it is less forgiving in being able to adjust for irregular floors and walls. It all depends….

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