SICO EuroBed Mechanism and Frame

Exclusive SICO Eurobed Features

  • Padded Headboard – Made of ¾" (2cm) Particle board with a 24oz (672 grams). Naugahyde vinyl covering - available in six standard colors.
  • Micro-adjustable Calibrated Spring Mechanisms – 9 factory calibrated heavy duty springs in each mechanism allows for precise tension adjustments. Located within the bed frame so no mechanical parts are seen. This mechanism is superior to other Murphy style wallbed systems that use few small helical springs attached to the floor.
  • Aluminum Bed Frame – Durable and lightweight bed frame requires minimal assembly. Constructed from .83 premium strength extruded aluminum for maximum durability.
  • Folding Leg Support – Stabilizes the bed in the down position. It secures the mattress when the bed is in storage. Manufactured with ¾" (2cm) x 18 gauge C.R.E.W steel tubing.
  • Space Efficient Design – Bed is recessed 10" (25cm) into the wallbed cabinet in the down position. The SICO® EUROBED® takes up less floor space than a conventional bed.
  • Mounting System - Need not fasten to the floor. Bed pivots off of cabinets on either side of the bed (cabinets must be then securely fastened to the wall). May be floor or wall mounted.
  • European Slat System – Adjusts to the contours of the body and replaces the boxspring.
  • Face Panel - Becomes a finished wall panel when the bed is raised. No bi-fold doors to bother with.
  • SICO® innerspring mattress – Offers the sleeping comfort of a conventional bed over hide-a-way and roll-a-way beds. Bedding is custom made to stringent SICO® specifications.

The built in wood slat foundation has a permanent steamed bow that flexes and compliments any American mattress. You do not need a box spring!The extruded metal frame is ribbed for rigid spans from head to leg at base of bed. The leg has a dual purpose. Support of the foot end of the bed off the floor, and securing the mattress to the frame when the bed is raised into storage. Three different lengths of leg are available to make the clearance under the lowered bed increase from 7” to 13 3/4” The longer length legs are used on the popular Sofa & Bed designs. But, the most important characteristic of the SICO Eurobed is it’s compact storage measurements.It can store in only 17”, stand only 4” higher than the mattress, and store in less than 3” more than the mattress width. Extension into the room is only 9” more than the mattress size you choose.
For a wall bed system with all the features shown on our specification sheet, this is the FlyingBed model meant for tight spaces!

Ron shows lift mechanism location in bed frame.


Ron demonstrates unique trays of calibrated springs.

SICO EuroBed becomes SofaBed

The Transition From Sofa to Bed is as Easy as 1...2...3

  1. Remove cushions. - Seat cushions will fit conveniently under the bed for out of the way storage
  2. Rotate Leg. - Rotating the leg keeps the bed frame off the sofa when the bed is down and secures the mattress to the frame when the bed is up.
  3. Pull Down Bed. - SICO® wallbeds operate easily with fingertip pressure.

    SofaBed  SofaBed coming down

      SofaBed down



Condo in Aspen

I consider the most unique feature of the SICO Eurobed to be overlooked by even the most Critical examination. The calibrated spings that provide the counterbalance lift power, are synchronized to come into operation at different positions as the bed is lowered. This ‘staged cantilevered’ action keeps the bed from operating like all other Wall Beds, (like a screen door!)

Click to see enlarged view

Downloadable .PDF Files


Reference this Graphic Illustration, three separate actions of the EuroBed mechanism unique to the Murphy Bed Industry:

1. Each spring has an assigned strength. We select the placement of that spring to compensate for weight of mattress and bedface panel.

2. Each set of springs has a 'keyed tray' attachment. That 'tray' has a slotted calibration set to 'pick up weight' as the bed cycles from closed to open position. As the bed is lowered, it adds springs to the lift force.

3. Attachment of Lift Forces from Trayed Springs is further enhanced by the Graduated Cam. As the bed is lowered, the Cam Angle increases sharply.

Norris TV  Bed
How to hide a television in the SICO EuroBed
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The Eurobed can easily lift most bedface treatments. From solidwood raised panels to our popular Bedface Table.You would sacrifice ease of operation if you added the weight of a solid mirror bedface. It would be better to use the powerful SICO Room Maker if this was your design selection. And a final note. Sleeping Comfort. You really do control this feature. It is the mattress you select! We really don’t care which manufacturer you use, as long as these two points are taken into consideration when you buy.

1) Thickness. The thicker the mattress, the greater the storage depth required.
2) Does the mattress ‘belly’ when stood on it’s end. That’s a bad sign and usually associated with inexpensive models. Upgrade your selection.

This short letter illuminates points not found in the technical specification sheet. Even after that examination, if you have a thought not addressed, give us a call or  email. Thanks.


 Sloped Headboard Upgrade
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The above photo takes the SICO EuroBed standard mechanism and adds a custom FlyingBeds sloped headboard. This is a customer favorite because it captures the pillows when the bed is closed. Additionally it is comfortable to lean back against and read a book with the comfort of the overhead lighting.

In this photo I'd like to draw your attention to that little silver tag on the black frame just below the lift mechanism. That is the serial number that tells the factory when your bed was made and what spring setup was calibrated to lift the weight of your bedface and mattress.    To my knowledge, no other Murphy Bed manufacturer has serial numbers assigned to their production! The majority don't even print their name on their bed.

We know this mechanism inside and out and can assist in any more elaborate explanation by calling us at the showroom. 888.892.4645


What is in a SICO Eurobed Carton

Let's look what's inside the 137 lb. carton.          
A pair of wire snips is really important here.

James opens crate and locates leg and wall mount bracket.

James has also located the buckboard for mattress retention and the floor mount option.
Below, James shows saddles for mounting Euro Bed to side of bed cavity and adhesive for attaching bedface panel.

James demonstrates a single person can easily lift this frame, slat foundation and cantilevered power mechanisms.

James demonstrates the ease of adjusting the tension for lifting the bedface and mattress weight perfectly.

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