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Top Quality Custom Murphy Beds – Manufactured in Colorado, Shipped Worldwide

King Murphy Bed

KING MURPHY BEDS – Check out some of the myriad King murphy bed systems we have built over the years. To our knowledge, no other manufacturer can safely lift the weight of a King mattress.

TV Murphy Bed

TV MURPHY BEDS – Already have a comfortable sofa you love but want to add a guest bed to the room? A Flying TV Bed is the ultimate in deceptive, yet functional design. Your guests will never know that a thick comfy mattress is hidden in the entertainment center until you pull down the bed for them.

Tablebed Murphy Bed

TABLE MURPHY BEDS – Increasing the flexibility and functionality of a multi-purpose room is simple when you add a drop-down table to a Flying Bed. Whether on the bed face or on a pier cabinet, a Flying Table Bed gives you that extra work space whenever you need it. When you’re done, it stores neatly away, elegantly disguised as a frame for your choice of art.

Mirrored Murphy Bed

MIRRORED MURPHY BEDS – Popular for exercise rooms, all mirrored FlyingBeds use 1/4” thick mirror, which is applied to the bed face using a special adhesive that will not corrode the silver backing. Only the SICO Room Maker mechanisms have the capacity to allow one hand lift and lowering of such massive weight.

Hotel Murphy Bed

HOSPITALITY MURPHY BEDS – Some of our most prestigious hospitality projects include a Renaissance hotel, a Marriott hotel, and the Guest House at Graceland.

Sofa Murphy Bed

SOFA MURPHY BEDS – Sofa beds are the ultimate way to make a room dual purpose. Turn a sitting or living room into a guest room by simply removing the cushions and lowering the bed. Your choice of mattress assures sleeping luxury.

Murphy Bed Home Office

MURPHY BED HOME OFFICE – Do you put your guests on a futon in your home office room, or do you have a dedicated guest room that you’d like to turn into an office? A custom FlyingBeds system will give you the best of both worlds, and your guests will thank you for the comfortable sleep they get on a real mattress.

Side Fold Murphy Bed

SIDE FOLD MURPHY BEDS – Perfect for limited-height or limited-extension rooms, where a traditional vertical Murphy bed is too long. Any of our countless designs can be modified into a side-fold configuration to fit your room.

Reclaimed Wood Murphy Bed

RECLAIMED WOOD MURPHY BED – Wyoming Snow Fence is the most popular of our reclaimed woods. 7 years of sun and wind weather the wood to a beautiful gray, which we can tone to darker or lighter shades. Old nail and knotholes accentuate this wood’s rustic charm.

Exotic Murphy Bed

EXOTIC WOOD MURPHY BED – While the majority of our woods are from the United States, we love to adventure into the tropics. Here is a selection from Africa. We have worked with 46 species of tree so far.

Zen Murphy Beds

ZEN MURPHY BED – The Zen designed Murphy Bed features alternating patterns of wood blocks in a chess board theme. Your choice of wood and finish. Here is walnut and maple. To date we have manufactured this design in 8 woods and many finishes – from Twin to King Murphy Bed sizes. A real bed hidden in design and functional change.

Gothic Murphy Beds

GOTHIC MURPHY BED – We manufacture this traditional English Armoire theme to fit the SICO Room Maker or the SICO Eurobed. This design usually requires a room having additional height. Endless design options.

Mission Murphy Beds

MISSION MURPHY BEDS – Manufactured to the standards of the Stickley Company, with reference to Gustav in the 1920s. With this as the base of design, we can customize any part of this system in material, finish, or function. Most popular is the configuration featuring nonfunctioning upper and lower doors and 4 faux drawers in the center of the bed face.

Timber Murphy Bed

TIMBERS MURPHY BEDS – A classic and endlessly customizable design, Timbers is our most popular system. Choose any wood and any finish, then add raised panels, carved or bun feet, fluting, rosettes, a base cove, or anything your heart desires, and you’ve got a truly one-of-a-kind personalized Flying Bed.


BARN DOOR MURPHY – Whether you choose a look that is rugged and weathered, or sleek and refined, a Murphy bed disguised as a barn door adds the perfect touch of rustic charm to your home, and of course, a comfortable bed for your guests.

Premier Murphy Beds

FlyingBeds is the world’s most unique manufacturer of custom furniture Murphy beds. We have over 35 years of experience when it comes to manufacturing the highest quality, luxury Murphy beds for residential and commercial use. We specialize in making rooms become more valuable by giving them a dual purpose. When you receive a Murphy bed from FlyingBeds you will enjoy both its comfort and its design. The Murphy bed, also known as a wall bed, hides your mattress vertically against a wall to free up space in the room. You can choose a mattress of any size and any thickness and we will make it disappear into an entertainment center, an armoire, behind a mirror, a sofa, and more. At FlyingBeds, we are proud to provide the world’s greatest Murphy beds.

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